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Our Story | Magic Corn Philippines, Inc.

Our Story

The Owner’s Story

Pearl and Richard Villareal, sibling owners and prime movers of Magic Corn Philippines, believe that the real magic in the business they offer lies in the opportunities that abound for their prospective investors.

Born and raised in the Philippines, they migrated to the United Arab Emirates to join their mother, Lulu, then a highly successful Dubai-based entrepreneur. Both siblings called UAE their home. Their individual careers as airline crew took them all over the world yet deep inside, they yearned to be their own bosses.

Pearl, the company’s President and CEO, started her foray into the world of business in a very young age. In 2001 she has conceptualized and developed the Magic Corn kiosk vending system into a very popular

Franchise Food Chain Network. She plays an integral part in having the brand distributed all over the Middle East, Africa and North America while working hand in hand with her Arab and Malaysian partners. With her marketing expertise and a proven track record in sales, she paved the way for this “golden maize” be known to different nationalities. A proven achiever and a calculated risk-taker, Pearl has also introduced other successful food chains in the Middle East.

Richard, the company’s Vice President and COO, is a business entrepreneur himself. Being a franchise owner of successful outlets in Dubai for over a decade helped him realize his dream of retiring early from his airline career. He is likewise an achiever and very passionate in what he does. His most valuable contribution to the team is his deep understanding of the Magic Corn business from a franchisee’s point of view.

As a way of giving back, Pearl and Richard are bringing the outstanding success of the Magic Corn concept to their countrymen. The brother-and-sister team is quite eager and excited to share their story of success...the possibility that dreams can come true.

The Company

A trusted name in high quality food products and services which is a duly incorporated company based in Manila Philippines.

We are a cutting-edge company that is committed in exploring and developing new products and ideas to our portfolio while maintaining our commitments to social and environmental causes in a proven operating network stream-line system in Local and International key markets by optimizing all the resources available and with the flexibility of out structural organization.

Our team is composed of innovators and developers with a proven track record in the field.

We are dedicated to elevate brand awareness amongst consumers in potential markets.

Our Brand

Magic Corn is a sweet yellow hybrid corn grown by our Malaysian partners in more than one thousand acres of prime farmland of fertile soil with particularly Potassium, Phosphate and Nitrogen, which are very essential for sweet corn growth.

Our farmers use modern techniques to produce better grades of maize. Our research team strives towards improvement to longer the shelf life and nutrition standard of corn.

Each corn plant bears one fruit. Magic Corn is processed with special techniques to produce non-cut kernel by manually extracting kernels from its cob to retain the nutrients.

Franchise Food Chain Network

We have built up a substantial reputation and goodwill in the Franchise Food Chain Network which is associated with the highest standards of quality food products and consumer services.

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