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Magic Corn Philippines, Inc.

How we work


Our farmers use modern techniques to produce better grades of Maize and our research team strives towards
improvement to longer the shelf life and nutrition standard of corn.


Each corn plant bears one fruit; kernels are uniquely extracted from the cob manually without cutting the tips to
retain the nutrients and juice of each corn grain and nutrition standard of corn.


We have developed a unique method for extracting the whole kernel of corn from the cob, as opposed to the
faster method of simply cutting the kernels from the cob. Once the kernels have separated from the cob, they’re
immediately frozen within the hour to seal in all the natural nutritional goodness.


Our factory and warehouses are well equipped with production, processing, packaging, and storage systems to
ensure the finest quality corn with NO preservatives added. And that’s because we want you to taste only the corn
and nothing else but the corn.

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